Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet the Directors

So I sat down with Raquel and Nicole earlier today to find out more about them and their inspiration for “Rock Your Vogue…”

Raq helped out with OHM last year as a general volunteer and stage manager, while this is Nicole’s 3rd year with OHM; last year she was the costumes coordinator, and the year before a general member.
These experts will lead the way and help show us exactly what it takes to put on an awesome production.

I was most excited to find out how they came up with this years theme!
They said that they wanted to stress the importance of music, fashion, and individuality. Especially today, music often affects the way we dress. Looking at major fashion and music icons, they all have a certain “style” that makes them unique. This year’s theme really shows the fact that music and fashion come hand in hand.

To find out a little bit more about the style of these two fashionistas, I asked them who their favorite designer was:
Raq had two. First, for accessories she said “definitely Chloe.” Nicole agreed, they both loved Chloe’s style. “We love her essence, she’s so feminine and natural, but chic at the same time.” They lovvve her palette of earthy tones.
For eveningwear, Raq picked Valentino. She was sure to make clear that it is “old school Valentio” that she adored.
Nicole said that she loved avant-garde fashion, the crazy designs you see on the runways. “I know I could never actually wear any of that stuff, but I love it anyways.”

When I asked them if there was anything else they wanted to mention, they said that they want everyone to know how important teamwork is. A fashion show is a big production, and it is impossible without help from everyone.

I also managed to get a sneak peak as to something different that’s going to be happening at the show this year. They have organized for guest speakers to come talk about their experience surviving cancer. This show is so much fun but the cause behind the show is just as important.

After all, the goal of the show is to raise $10 000 and to have a tonssss of fun doing it!

So…Whose next?

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