Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photo Shoot Contributors


Model- Hana

Hana has never modeled before, in fact, the last time she got her make-up done was for prom. If she had to pick just one, her favorite model is Adriana Lima because she is so down to earth.

How do you RYV? “Listening to music 24/7

Model- Megan

Megan decided to model for OHM because she wanted do as much as she could to support this great cause. Her favorite model is Heather Marks because she hails from Calgary (just like Megan), is very ambitious, and has made it so far so quickly….not to mention she’s gorgeous.

How do you RYV? “By meeting someone new every single day”

Model- Brittany

Brit wanted to model for OHM because she thought it would be a lot of fun. Why not wear outstanding clothes, get your hair and makeup done by professionals, and run around in front of a camera all day?

How do you RYV? “By meeting someone new every single day”

Creative Director- Bailey

Bailey was inspired to do this photo shoot in order to bring so many people together. “OHM gives so many people the opportunity to shine and that’s what I wanted to do with this shoot.” OHM has been introduced to so many new faces this year and she hoped that shoot would do the same.

How do you RYV? “Wearing skirts! Cold London winters have forced be to slip on a pair of pants every once in a while, but I can’t resist rocking a cute mini, even in the dead of winter.”

Photo Shoot Coordinators- Jaquie and Jaclyn

It took these girls about two weeks to figure out all the details and put this awesome shoot together. Of all, they were most excited to see the outfits chosen for the models and to see the amazing photography that comes out of it.

How do you RYV? Jaquie: “Drawing and designing images on adobe.”
How do you RYV? Jaclyn: “Going out for dinner.”

Costumers Coordinators- Danielle and Lauren

Their inspiration for the shoot came from Rihanna- “she’s not afraid of bold accessories.”

How do you RYV? “Listening to classic rock, and obviously shopping!”

Hair- Miranda

Advice from a professional: Her favorite hair products are Bed Head’s line rock-a-holic.

How do you RYV? “Styling people’s hair and dancing the night away.”

Makeup- Missy

Her favorite brands of product are MAC, Make up forever, and Dior- each are dramatic in their own way.

How do you RYV? “As a freelance makeup artist.”

Photographer- Rob

Rob loves the camera, and he really did an awesome job all day long. The pictures were stunning, and totally his style.

How do you RYV? “Taking pictures of everything and anything I think is cool”

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